Song use

Guideline about use of my song

(Last update: Nov 11, 2020)

In all cases, use for purposes against the law, against public order and morals, religious use, political use, or use to hate, disparage or be offensive to myslef or a third party (including other possible ways) are not allowed.
In addition, I may not be able to allow permission or respond to any songs released even in my name for reasons such as not currently owning the rights of the song.

All use of the music is at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage, problems caused by your use of the music and will not be involved in any way.

(1) In the case of you are a corporation / a company
If you wish to use my song as a corporation / a company, no matter how you use it, please contact me and confirm at the following email address:

(1a) In the case of you are an educational institution or a volunteer organization / a company for volunteer
You can use my songs as well as individuals. If you can, it would be helpful if you could confirm once:
Please note that this is intended primarily, but not exclusively, for educational institutions related to music.

(2) In the case of you are an individual (not corporation / company) who want to use my music in a format that does not involve sending the music itself as a file (e.g., BGMs for stream, BGMs in video, etc.)
You are allowed to use the song without my certain permission if either of the followings. In this case, I don't give permission individually. Please understand that.:
- It is included in this playlist.
- It is included in album or E.P. that has serial code (it can be confirmed in the list of albums) beginning with "CTCD", but is not licensed from other organizations or companies
- Completely original music that has been uploaded to the YouTube channel ( that is not originally written for a game (including rhythm game), organization, or company (e.g.,,
Particularly, for YouTube or Twitch (etc), if you want to use the song as a background music for videos or stream, it does not matter if it is monetized or not. However, please note that it may be registered in Content ID in YouTube.
If the song you want to use is a remix, the original song may have been come from other sources, or it may be an unofficial remix that has not been licensed by the original author. In such cases, I will not be able to give my permission.

Please credit me if possible.

List of albums:
List of permitted songs (Last updated Nov 11, 2020, may not include new songs):
(Thanks to woops who brought the original stream playable playlist)

(3) Individuals who wish to use the music itself as a file that is downloadable, extractable, or users can easily get the song data itself
Conditions vary depending on the method of use.

(3a) If you want to distribute it as an unofficial custom map / chart for a rhythm game (Osu!, Geometry Dash, A Dance of Fire and Ice, Beat Saber, etc.)
You can use the music without permission under the same conditions as (2) above.
In this case, no charts / maps can be sold for a fee (free distribution only), except following:
- Mapping / making a chart or playing it in a monetized stream or video
- Distributing a chart or play data / recorded video on the site which has ads
In any case, I have no permission or involvement other than the use of my music.

(3b) If you want to distribute the music as an official chart / official music for a rhythm game (in short, if you're a game developer)
(3c) If you want to use a song as a bgm that is included in a program / a game or its directory
Please contact me at the following email address:

(4) If you want to remix/arrange my song and release it
In principle, basically I don't give official permission to release remix / arrangement, but it is possible to release it under the same conditions as (2).
It includes cover (with your instruments, voice, singing etc.) and recreation / transcription for "good purpose", including joke, meme, education, practice, etc.
In that case, please limit your release to platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Nico Nico Douga, Twitter, bilibili etc.
Free download of audio data such as mp3, wav, aiff, flac etc., of the remix is also available.
For Bandcamp, you can use the same conditions as above only if the price is set to 0 (and Name your price).
If you would like to sell the remix / arrangement or provide them to stream services such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc., or sell recorded media such as CDs, vinyls or any kind of physical copies, please contact me at the following email address:

(5) Other uses
Please contact us at the following email address: